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Maths Holiday Homework for Class 7th

Maths is a fun and interesting subject that helps us develop our logical and analytical skills. However, it can also be challenging and confusing at times. That's why it is important to practice maths regularly and revise the concepts that we have learned in class.

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To help you do that, we have prepared some maths holiday homework for you. This homework consists of various types of questions and problems that cover the topics that we have studied in class 7th. These topics include:

  • Integers and fractions

  • Decimals and percentages

  • Algebraic expressions and equations

  • Geometry and mensuration

  • Data handling and probability

You can find the homework questions in the attached PDF file. You are expected to solve them neatly and show all the steps and calculations. You can also use a calculator or a computer to check your answers, but you must write down how you got them. You can also refer to your textbook or online resources if you need any help or clarification.

You should submit your homework by the first day of school after the holidays. You can either print it out or email it to your maths teacher. Your homework will be graded based on your accuracy, presentation, and effort. You will also get feedback from your teacher on how to improve your maths skills.

We hope that you enjoy doing this maths holiday homework and learn something new from it. Maths can be fun if you approach it with curiosity and enthusiasm. Have a great holiday and see you soon!


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