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Download and Install Firefox for Windows RT - The Browser You Can Trust

ARM on Windows died when Microsoft pulled Windows Mobile prematurely. It'll just take much longer to get back to ARM and push forward even though Windows development as a tablet retrenched. ARM is inherently a mobile platform. Every user will expect a Windows ARM tablet and desktop to be good as a mobile device while also performing well as legacy equipment.I doubt Microsoft is so strategically equipped to understand the rut it brought upon itself. They might just give up in any case. This will take a decade or longer to get back on track especially since ARM needs another 10 years to catch up in speed to match Core i5 and i7 speeds. Only Apple's A chip series match Core i5 speeds.I'm not even sure we need the current Windows model on ARM. A browser is all we mainly need with some productivity apps. The UI needs mouse and keyboard support with windows. Yet it's still too difficult for Microsoft to solve so it needs to abandon Edge for Chromium. The Internet was never Microsoft's friend. Internet is it's Achilles's heel.

download firefox for windows rt

As someone who needs to use a _computer_ (an engineer, programmer) I would *never* use ARM for such work and don't expect to in my lifetime. There's absolutely no reason, and a million reasons not to even attempt. At home, I use/have used ARM chromebook, iPad and of course smartphones. There, ARM clearly finds its place in a way that x86 can't. As for Windows (aka win32) on ARM, I guess more CPU competition is good, but seems no point as I only use windows for a couple of programs that are 100% win32/.NET (Visual Studio Shell based) but never, ever run on ARM in any acceptable way, not to mention they probably have custom drivers for external debugging. They feel somewhat heavy on a full blown desktop computer, never mind ARM based. For the occasional "grandma" that might be ok with a Windows on ARM laptop for just using notepad or something, in my opinion the ARM Chromebook would be superior.

You can't install the normally cause when you download the executable to install it tells me that this device can't open the file... it's not supported... Is there any way to install either one of those? I've been using IE on this thing since ever and it's such a crap...

Jailbreaking was once a bit more complicated, requiring you to run a special hack every time you booted your device. There's now a dedicated RT Jailbreak Tool that can automatically run at startup, jailbreaking your Windows RT device every time it boots. To jailbreak your Windows RT device, just follow the instructions in the thread -- download the .zip file, extract it, and double-click the runExploit.bat file.

Can you test the issue while in Safe Mode? You can find helpful info here : -US/kb/troubleshoot-firefox-issues-using-safe-mode .Also a fresh new profile could help. You can find more about creating a new profile here : -US/kb/troubleshoot-and-diagnose-firefox-problems#w_6-create-a-new-firefox-profile .If possible, you can test this issue on the nightly build as well. Download the build from : -US/firefox/nightly/all/ .

I managed to figure out that this strange behavior only occurs when you are in tablet mode and the windows taskbar is set to auto hide. If I turn off the setting 'Automatically hide the taskbar' in additional tablet settings the problem is gone (I can stay in tablet mode this way). I'm doing all this on a new Lenovo D330. I hope it helps to figure out what causes the problem.

This has now been reported several times and exists still in 83.0. Please fix this, it occurs on different tablets and also in 64bit firefox, so I'm not sure whether the "module (Widget: Win32)" ist correct... However this bug is always described for that module... .

Test with tablet mode and auto-hide taskbar enabled, both clicking text field in firefox and keyboard button on taskbar, failed.Windows is a fresh install (just happened I reinstalled my OS from Linux)

This was on a Google web page,, and it's not clear how this ad surfaced. Edge appears to display the banner by itself when the user surfs to the Chrome download page on, which is just a little bit aggressive.

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Given two browser windows, one with the ad and one without, the main window with the ad will have an innerHeight value that's less than a similarly sized window without the ad. The difference in the two measurements should correspond to the height of the ad content area.

As of Wednesday, Edge's self-promotion on the Chrome download page became more scarce and the ad now is said to appear only when trying to download Chrome using Edge Beta. Other Edge release channels Canary, Dev, and Stable reportedly no longer display the promotion.

Companies commonly pitch their own products on their own websites. And they often place ads on search results pages when people search for competitors' products. For example, entering the keywords "download Chrome" in macOS Edge, using Bing as the default search engine, presently produces a "Promoted by Microsoft" ad for Edge atop the Bing search results list. And searching "download Firefox" via Bing will lead to the same ad. But these ads exist within the context of the search result page.

Hello @rbeyers001 Welcome to the Canvas Community. Thank you for posting your question. I'm not really sure I understand your question. Canvas is a web-based product, and so there isn't really anything to "download" in terms of the actual Canvas interface. You would normally log in to your school's Canvas environment via a web browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are your best choices here), and then you would access your courses that way. The only things you might have to download are materials for your course...such as PowerPoint presentations, documents, etc. that might be provided by your instructor (if you are a student). Otherwise, all other parts of Canvas are readily available to you after you log in. I briefly looked at your school's website to see if I could find any information for you, and I came across this page: Frequently Asked Questions Wilmington University. It looks like there's a lot of great information for you to look through. I hope it will be of help to you. Thanks Robert...

I guess I'm still learning the differences between a cell phone app to call canvas and my new PC laptop where you have a browser to bring up to access the internet. I guess I was thinking how would I get the app for my laptop so I could just click on it and bring up canvas, like the cell phone. My last PC was windows XP. But I have this new one with win10 and it looks so much like a cell phone screen, well, thats what I was thinking.

Completely agree with this I just discovered that iOS and Android has note-taking capabilities for all PDFs uploaded from the class. This is an awesome feature but assuming not everyone has access to an iOS/Android Tablet makes it very difficult to accomplish digital note-taking. Having a web-based browser option or PC-compatible app with the annotation feature, while being able to upload/download the PDF with the newly embedded annotation, would make this app so much more accessible and desirable to use.

If you enjoy listening to music or podcasts, you're probably no stranger to Spotify. While it's been around for years, it was only recently that the company released an experimental Arm version of Spotify that runs natively on Arm-based Windows devices. The company has left the app in beta for almost a full year at this point, but it does receive updates, so the project hasn't been abandoned. Hopefully, a stable release isn't far off, but for now, you can download the Spotify beta here.

The popular file archiving tool 7-Zip has been testing a native Arm version for a while, and it's already available as a stable release. This is a free tool that lets you comrpess and extra all kinds of archives, including ZIP, RAR, and 7z formats. You can find the latest version on the 7-Zip download page.

VLC has a native app for Windows PCs running on Arm. It's essentially the same video player we're used to that can play all sorts of video formats. You can download the Arm version of VLC from the official website, though you have to use the dropdown menu on the download button to specifically get the Arm64 version of the app.

Popular video conferencing app, Zoom, has also made its way to the list of native apps for Windows on Arm. Seeing as it's become an incredibly popular app for meetings since 2020, it's great to be able to use it with native performance on any device. You can download the Arm version of Zoom over here.


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