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Mucad 3.6 Verson Softwear

Mucad 3.6 Version Software: A Powerful Tool for Pattern Creation and Programming

If you are looking for a software that can help you create patterns and program machines for Jacquard, dobby, and speed, take off, and thread transport drives, then you might want to check out Mucad 3.6 version software. Mucad 3.6 version software is a product of Jakob Müller AG, a leading company in the field of narrow fabric technology. Mucad 3.6 version software is designed to work with all electronically controlled machines from Jakob Müller AG, as well as other compatible machines from other manufacturers.


In this article, we will introduce some of the features, benefits, and installation steps of Mucad 3.6 version software, and show you how it can enhance your productivity and creativity in the textile industry.

Features of Mucad 3.6 Version Software

Mucad 3.6 version software has many features that make it a versatile and user-friendly tool for pattern creation and programming. Some of these features are:

  • A central database for patterns and all documentation, which can be accessed via the Internet or directly archived with back-up function.

  • A 64-bit architecture that increases computing power and productivity.

  • A simultaneous action between image (design), pattern (Pdesign), and weave simulation, which allows you to see the effects of your changes in real time.

  • A weft and warp patterning for Jacquard machines up to 12,800 hooks, which enables you to create complex and intricate designs.

  • A programming of electronically controlled harness frames and drives, such as Varispeed, Varipick, thread transports, etc., which gives you more control over the machine parameters and performance.

  • A processing of very large design patterns, which ensures the production of designs and weaving patterns for label weaving and tape weaving machines.

  • A compatibility with future Windows products, which guarantees the operational reliability of Mucad 3.6 version software.

  • A worldwide unique software for programming photo-like design, called Digicolor, which uses only 5-7 weft colors to realistically implement motifs on Jacquard fabric, based on the digital weaving process.

  • A software for creating and weaving labels/tapes with individual codes and numbering in a license-free, unsecured production process, called Mucad Code, which is ideal for producing small, customized series such as name tapes and personalized labels.

  • A software for programming the MDW functional and effect thread placing device, called Mucad MDW, which allows you to create multi-directional weaving effects on your fabric.

  • A software for programming the MDW functional and effect thread placing device for labels with Velvedge, called Mucad Velvedge, which gives your labels a soft and smooth edge.

  • A software for programming the MDW functional and effect thread placing device for labels with RFID, called Mucad RFID, which enables you to embed RFID chips into your labels for identification and tracking purposes.

Benefits of Mucad 3.6 Version Software

Mucad 3.6 version software not only offers a wide range of features, but also provides many benefits for its users. Some of these benefits are:

  • A higher quality of products, thanks to the accurate and precise pattern creation and programming.

  • A higher efficiency of production, thanks to the faster and smoother process sequences.

  • A higher flexibility of design, thanks to the unlimited possibilities of weft and warp patterning.

  • A higher creativity of expression, thanks to the photo-like design and multi-directional weaving effects.

  • A higher security of know-how, thanks to the protection of pattern information.

  • A higher customer satisfaction, thanks to the customization and personalization of labels/tapes.

Installation Steps of Mucad 3.6 Version Software

If you are interested in using Mucad 3.6 version software, you will need to follow these installation steps:

  • Download the latest software version from the mymueller service portal (registration required) or from the CD-ROM provided by Jakob Müller AG.

  • Run the setup.exe file and follow the instructions on the screen.

  • Enter the license key that you received from Jakob Müller AG or from the mymueller service portal.

  • Connect your machine to your computer via a USB cable or a network connection.

  • Start Mucad 3.6 version software and select your machine type and model.

  • Create your patterns and program your machine according to your preferences and needs.

Mucad 3.6 version software is a powerful and versatile tool for pattern creation and programming that can help you achieve your goals in the textile industry. Whether you want to create simple or complex designs, photo-like or multi-directional effects, customized or personalized labels/tapes, Mucad 3.6 version software can assist you with its features and benefits. If you want to learn more about Mucad 3.6 version software, you can visit the website of Jakob Müller AG or contact their customer service for more information and support.


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